October 28 2014

Reflecting on #SDGC14

Reflecting on the Service Design Global Conference in Stockholm Sweden this year. Sitting in a coffeebar with rainy weather outside. A good cup of coffee, a vitamin water and ham&cheese sandwich. “A smile on my face”, that is what is has been for me. So, let me tell you about the reasons of me smiling right now.


First Stockholm. This city is beautiful. Even though it had rained for most of the time and it wasn’t warm at all, the city had something magical. A sense of calmness. Maybe because of the architecture, the Old City with its small streets. Or the shopping and bar areas. I don’t know. The people of Stockholm are very friendly as well. The stereotype blond hair, blue eyes is true. But also, the people are very divers. More than I thought. It is a very multi cultural city with all ages and colours. Love the atmosphere.

But that has not been the reason of my visit to Stochkholm as you all know. It was the Service Design Global Conference. About 200 SDN Members and more than 400 others. Amongst them a wide variaty of decisionmakers, designers, thinkers, customers. All facilitated by a great group of volunteers of the SDN.

So the second thing which made me smile are the people. My colleagues from all over the world. New contacts from the States to Australia. Closer ss well (Belgium and Germany). What I felt is the way we all want to do what is best for the world – together. A great sense of empathy for each other was present at all the venues.

Third, the content, the workshop, keynotes, questions asked and answered. The level of this content was very high. In another post I will reflect on this content. It has been interesting for us as professionals as well as for Service Design newbys.

Fourth, last but certainly not least the social drinks. The first day I ended up with 12 Service Designers is a small restaurant called the Black Sheep. The mood was set for the rest of the week. During our dinners and drinks we talked about our time in the field as well the private things. This combination is golden and I had never experienced it like this before.

So, I want to thank my Russian, Belgium, American, English, Spanish, Swedish, Australian, Austrian, French, Scottish, Dutch and especially Italian friends for this great experience. And for everybody I haven’t seen anymore, we will meet again. Somewhere, somehow!

Stockholm, out!


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